Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jan. 23

Saturday we slept in (till 8 this time!), bathed, washed our hair, shaved our legs, played some skip-bo and waited. Roro and my dad have been spending lots of time on the phone trying to get the people at the church some food.

We ended up going to the church and waiting some more. We finally contacted a man with a helicopter that promised to fly by the church and give us some food. We waited ALL day long and finally at 5:30, the helicopter showed up with two boxes of food. They had little rice and beans packets inside from “Feed the Starving Children”. We had enough little packets to give to 72 people. It doesn’t sound like much but the people are SO excited and extremely grateful for whatever we have to give them!

Today we added JoAnn (an American nurse from Boston)to our little group. She was brought here the same day as us, but with a different lady. And then she was pretty much abandoned and Roro did not like that!

We got to eat Haitian spaghetti for the first time! I love it! I HATE American spaghetti but absolutely love the stuff I grew up with.

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