Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jan. 25

Monday morning my dad and Roro had more meetings to go to and so Sarah, JoAnn and I just relaxed. I took another shower (taking advantage of the running water!), played on the internet some more, journaled, walked down to the beach with Sarah and then walked to find us a nice cold cola courane. My dad has been giving us money every day and it has quickly become our cold coke money! :0)

Tina’s cook fixed us friend red snapper with rice and beans. Yummy!!! After lunch we had to head back to PAP. They were able to get us some food and bottled water to take back with us.

Jacmel has damage from the earthquake but NOWHERE near what Pap has. Don’t believe anything CNN is telling you. We also drove by the Palace. WOW, it is really and truly gone. We also saw lots more tent cities asking for food. We finally saw one tent of medical help and one place was handing out water – where the people could have walked half a mile to a public water pump. We have seen 10 other places that could have used that water WAY more than those people. Who is running these organizations??? They haven’t done there research very well.

I did not sleep well that night. I was wide awake until after 3 am. Because I was scared out of my mind of having another earthquake. I knew that where we were sleeping was safe but I was still very paranoid. Our whole group has become very jumpy. Any loud noise we all start running and definitely any time the ground starts to shake. We all run for wide open skies. I can’t even imagine how it feels to be still living here after the earthquake.

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