Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jan. 22

Friday morning we slept in. So strange how 7 am is sleeping in! :0) We spent the day at the church and we found some new sheets and heavy blankets that we divided up and gave to the families living within the gates of the church. They were SO thankful!

On the way ‘home’ we drove through Petionville. There is nothing left! What buildings that are still standing will have to be brought down cause they have to many cracks to the structure. People are literally sleeping out in the streets because they are scared to sleeping inside. There are signs everywhere asking for food, water, and medical help. And we still have not seen ANY help. Where is all the money that Americans are sending to help these people? Where is all the organizations that CNN Is talking about? We have been driving all over the place and see no help!

That night we got to sleep on real mattresses! Living the high life is what we called it. :0) Earlier that day we found a whole stack of hospital mattress for the future clinic and so Roro arranged for 3 of them to brought up to the DR.s house for us to sleep on. It was amazing! Sleeping on hard, bumpy, rocky concrete was starting to get really old! We had more tremors but now we are used to them.

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