Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jan. 21

Thursday we were up and moving by 5 am. We had to take Martin (one of the boys being adopted) to the airport to meet another missionary who was taking him to the States with them. We waited for 6 hours before we found out we were at the wrong airport! While we waited at the wrong airport, Phillip and his boys found us. He wanted us to try and get him and his boys out of the country. Right now every Haitian believes that any white person can have the magic word to get them away from here. We don’t – because we tried.

Once we got to the correct airport (the smaller of the two airports) we waited for another 2 hours. We waited in the car for a total of 8 hours! The majority of that time was spent with a very clingy, bratty 2 year old boy. By the end of the day Sarah would have gladly thrown him out the window! :0)

While at the little airport, I went inside to sit with my dad and Martin. I was getting a headache, needed water, and was extremely hot. At one point I started to get really dizzy and I thought it was because I wasn’t feeling well. Come t o find out – we had a good size tremor and I didn’t feel anything but get dizzy. Weird.
Martin finally made it onto the airplane – even though the officials kept telling us he couldn’t go. But while talking with my dad – Martin just walked right on! We waited around until the plane took off but then we left before they realized what happened! :0)

After seeing Martin off, we meet up with Roro at his church/school/clinic. They did have some damage from the earthquake but not as much as some. And nobody got hurt while on property. Praise God!
That evening we swung by Roro’’s house and took a quick cup bath. You never realize how important running hot water is until you don’t have it and go for days without bathing. Now I can use half a bucket of water and bathe, wash clothes and flush the toilet!

That night at the Dr. house, they fixed us friend pork and fried banan. Oh my goodness! It was the best meal EVER! Plus I think it helped that we hadn’t eaten a real hot meal since we left the Dominican Republic – 3 days ago!

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