Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jan. 24

Sunday morning we woke up early, packed our bags, and drove to Jacmel. We have a missionary family who lives there and we wanted to try and make more contacts for food. The drive normally takes 2 hours but today it took over 3 cause of all the landslides form the earthquake. It is such a beautiful drive up there! The mountains are so big and you can see for miles!

We made it for the tail end of church. Haitian church is just as I remember it being – loud, hot, crowded and long! But it was great to be able to worship with our friends.

The rest of the day we spent lounging at Tina’s house. She has electricity and running water! It felt like we were staying at a 5 start hotel! :0) We spent a lot of time on the internet (first time in over a week!), sat on the porch overlooking the wonderful ocean and took a shower. My dad and Roro spent lots of time trying to get some food for PAP.

We ate more Haitian spaghetti for lunch and then had lobster in a sauce with rice and beans. I just love Haitian food. I am not sure I will ever come back to the State – just because of the food! :0)

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