Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb. 3

No food from the Americans but we did get a call that we had a plane flying into Leogion with food and supplies for us!!! We jump in the truck and my dad throws a surprise at me – he is not going! It was me, the Haitian driver and 2 white who didn’t speak Creole! This was the big time for me to step up! :0) We did fine and had a great ride out there. Once we had stopped in traffic and Rick jumps out of the truck, runs to some American Marines behind us and just starts to chat it up! Crazy man!

When we arrive, Roro, Sarah, Joe, Ginny and Dr. Jeff were already there waiting. We finally spot our plane and have to stop traffic on the main road so that the plane has a place to land. Only in Haiti . . .

The plane came from G.O. Ministries and they brought us pasta, beans, sardines, and a few medical supplies. It was such a great blessing!

On the way home we had a UN escort for part of the way. We had only heard of trucks with supplies getting jumped and we wanted to be safe when we could be.

We took the food back to Roro’s house with plans of returning the next day to pass it out to the people camped out on his street.

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