Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jan. 29

Friday we spent at the church. Sarah worked in the pharmacy and I helped divided up the food into small bags. We gave out bags of food to the people leaving the clinic. Even though that is an easy way of distributing the food, it causes problems. People who are not sick start to show up at the clinic because they want food. Which is understandable but they still have to go through the line and see the doctors. Needless to say, we didn’t do that again for a long time!

That afternoon, I was getting my hair done. I started out with only one girl working on my hair but by the time I was done – 3 girls were doing my hair at the same time!!! That was just slightly painful. :0)

When I was getting my hair done, an extremely malnourished baby came into the clinic. At first we were told he was an orphan and the aunt didn’t want him anymore. But the more we investigated; there was a mom in the picture who never wanted to get rid of her baby. The mom had a broken leg from the earthquake and so my dad, Sarah and Ginny took the mom and the baby to the hospital. They were there for over 6 hours! The mom had to get a full leg cast and the baby weighed 10 pounds and was 16 months old!

That evening while my dad and Sarah were still at the hospital, Roro and I went to ‘help’ (really just watch and stay out of the way!) the Hope for Haiti guys pass out some toys and clothes. It was orderly for the first part but by the end they just dumped a tub full of sunglasses and let the Haitians go for it! People can get hurt doing stupid stuff like that! The guys planned on showing the JESUS film but failed to test their equipment out beforehand. The projector didn’t work. I was really sad that the people didn’t get to see the movie, but I was pretty happy that we got to head home early.

The hospital group got home about 15 minutes after we did. We got to compare notes and tell about our days over a hot plate of white rice and chicken sauce.

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