Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jan. 30

Saturday morning we relaxed and hung around the house waiting on the Hope for Haiti guys. They were only supposed to be out sightseeing and taking pictures of the destruction. But the Haitian guy that they hired took them buy his church to ask for money and put them to work rebuilding the walls.

We finally left them and just went to the church/clinic. We still didn’t do much – Sarah was kicked out of the pharmacy cause the American doctors and nurses thought they could do it all on their own. I didn’t have anything to do because we had run out of food to pass out.

That afternoon we made plans to go to a small tent camp to help the Hope for Haiti guys pass out more clothes and toys and set up a few tents that they had with them. They made it to the camp before us and decided to go ahead and pass things out. They got jumped by the Haitians and things turned ugly! One of the Americans also had his passport stolen! They blamed it all on Roro because he wasn’t there, but we blamed it on the stupid Americans who think they know everything. Roro was able to get the passport back and they were able to set of 2 of the tents.

After that big mess we went back to the church to wait on the white guys pack their bags so that we could head to Jacmel for the weekend. Well, they called and said it was to late in the day and they didn’t want to go that night but wait and leave at 4 am on Sunday morning. Who do these guys think they are??? We said fine, they could wait but we were leaving. Roro, dad, Ginny, Sarah and I drove to Jacmel that night so that we could rest, have running water and use the computers at Tina’s house.

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