Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feb. 6

Rick and I ran a few errands with Ginny and then the whole group, except for Dad and Joanne left for Jacmel.

Dad had to take DR. cousins back to the Dr and pick up some guys that Joanne had coming.

We put a couple of mattress in the back of the truck and on our way we went! I love the drive to Jacmel, the scenery is so pretty. The guys and Sarah napped most of the way there.

We arrived late afternoon. We took a walk down to the beach, and scrounged around for some dinner (Tina had homemade pizza made but it was all eaten while we were at the beach).

My feet in Haitian sand

Rick and I on the beach

Then it was time for some cake! IT was Rachel's 15th birthday (Tina's daughter) and Joe's birthday. The cake came from Epidores and was very yummy!

Rachel with her cake

Joe with his cake

The group celebrating birthdays

Feb. 5

Today was my brother-in-law, Joe's birthday. We had been planning for over a week to take him to eat at Epidors for his birthday. A treat after being in Haiti all week long - some pizza and ice cream. That morning Joe said something about how he was in Haiti and he wanted to eat Haitian food. He had no idea what we had been planning! :0) Needless to say, some plans were changed quickly in creole without Joe knowing anything.

Roro took his good friend Phillip to the DR border. Phillip is starting to struggle with depression and he feels hopeless to help his sons. Roro spent the day with him praying and crying along with him.

We went to the clinic for a little while. No food form the Jamaicans today. Sarah, Joe, Rick, Micheal and I went to Petionville for the afternoon. Sarah and David (our driver) found an authentic Haitian restaurant open that served goat! Exactly what Joe wanted to eat for his birthday!

After we ate, we walked around and looked at lots and lots of paintings. I finally found one that I wanted to buy and we had to do the whole barting thing. The price started out at 100$ American and we finally worked him down to 35$ American.

On the way home we passed by a Dominoes pizza. Well we stopped and Micheal bought 2 large pizzas and some drinks and paid 40$. I didn't eat any but they said it tasted just the real thing in the states!

They couldn't wait till we made it back home so they are eating in the back of the truck while we speed trough the dark streets of port au Prince

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb. 4

Thursday morning we got a call from the Jamaicans and they told us to bring 2 trucks with us today! Roro rented an enclosed box truck and we had our truck and when we left they were stuffed full! God is SO good!

Both trucks being loaded at the Jamaican army camp

Inventory list

We spent most of the day loading the trucks and then unloading back at the church.

Around 3pm we headed out to Roro's house to bag up the food we got the day before from G.O. Ministries. We gave bags of food to the families that were camped out on the street that Roro lives on.

Diving up the food into bags for the people

Bags ready to go

We also handed out toys that the guys brought with them. Jump ropes, hair bows, cars, stickers, suckers, balls and play jewelry. The kids LOVED them!

Rick handing out the toys

Little David and big sis

Micheal and Little David hanging out after a long day of work

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Paul . .

Written by Paul on February 13th.

I read this bible verse posted on my sons facebook from his friend this morning and It made me start crying...It is so hard being away from Jacob,Rebecca,Rachel and my church family, but I do believe this is where God wants me right now. I see with my eyes and hear with my ears and hurt with my heart but am not suffering like these beautiful people are every moment of their lives now. They have very little hope after losing everything they had ...so we must bring to them the greatest hope Our Lord Jesus Christ. We're trying to do that through the Word and with ACTION IN LOVE "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed," Luke 4:18

From Paul . .

Written by Paul on January 30 but still so sad today.

Where would we be without our Lord??? Only God understands what I am seeing and how it has changed me forever...I would like so much to put into words but only tears begin to cloud my eyes when I try...No homes..need tents fast before it rains...No clean water..need water before they die of disease...No food...need food daily before life becomes death...please keep helping putting Feet and Hand to your prayers and ask Jesus to keep working through me..God Bless..Paul

Monday, February 22, 2010

Feb. 3

No food from the Americans but we did get a call that we had a plane flying into Leogion with food and supplies for us!!! We jump in the truck and my dad throws a surprise at me – he is not going! It was me, the Haitian driver and 2 white who didn’t speak Creole! This was the big time for me to step up! :0) We did fine and had a great ride out there. Once we had stopped in traffic and Rick jumps out of the truck, runs to some American Marines behind us and just starts to chat it up! Crazy man!

When we arrive, Roro, Sarah, Joe, Ginny and Dr. Jeff were already there waiting. We finally spot our plane and have to stop traffic on the main road so that the plane has a place to land. Only in Haiti . . .

The plane came from G.O. Ministries and they brought us pasta, beans, sardines, and a few medical supplies. It was such a great blessing!

On the way home we had a UN escort for part of the way. We had only heard of trucks with supplies getting jumped and we wanted to be safe when we could be.

We took the food back to Roro’s house with plans of returning the next day to pass it out to the people camped out on his street.

Feb. 2

We headed down to the Jamaican army camp to ask for more food. They gave us water, mackerel, ALWAYS pads, canned breadfruit, corned beef and flavored snow cone syrup. We got 2 trucks full! God is SO amazing and provides just when you need it the most! We spent most of the morning loading, unloading and sorting food.

The afternoon was playing. We handed out some car toys, jump ropes, hair accessories and a soccer ball. Rick played soccer with the boys for a little while and they loved it!

Joe relaxing with the a baby

Roro had to go back to Jacmel to pick up Ginny so Sarah and Joe rode along with him. Dad, Michael, Rick and I were able to eat dinner at EPIDOR’s . It is a ‘American food’. They serve hamburgers, French fries, pizza, French crepes, fresh bread, pastries and ice cream!!!!

My first taste of the cold creaminess of ice cream in 3 weeks!