Monday, February 15, 2010

Jan. 28

Thursday morning we had a fun time playing with little David. We finally left the house and were pulled over as soon as we left the driveway. A French lady from UNICEF demanded to see our papers on little David. Joann didn’t have any yet cause the mayors office was closed the night before and his Aunt asked us to go ahead and keep him for the night. That French lady did not like that story and insisted that we take her to the aunt right away! Well, Roro had to swing by and pick up another group of Americans who came to help with relief work. The UNICEF lady decided that we were taking to long and had the police barracde the road and take us to the police station! After an hour, they let Roro, Ginny, Sarah and I go back to the church while they kept my dad and Joann in police custody until things got settled.

We didn’t do much the rest of the afternoon. Sarah helped a little bit in the pharmacy and I helped make up a few food bags.

Dad and Joann finally showed back up at the church and they had an extra person with them. Little David had an older sister, Olguin 13, that the night before Joann said she would financially support her but didn’t want to adopt her. But after pressure from the UNICEF lady, Joann decided that she couldn’t separate the siblings. Plus she said she needed someone to take care of the rowdy 2 year old.

That night we had 4 American men spend the next 5 days with us. They brought lots and lots of stuff with them to give out to the Haitian people who now have nothing.

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