Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb. 4

Thursday morning we got a call from the Jamaicans and they told us to bring 2 trucks with us today! Roro rented an enclosed box truck and we had our truck and when we left they were stuffed full! God is SO good!

Both trucks being loaded at the Jamaican army camp

Inventory list

We spent most of the day loading the trucks and then unloading back at the church.

Around 3pm we headed out to Roro's house to bag up the food we got the day before from G.O. Ministries. We gave bags of food to the families that were camped out on the street that Roro lives on.

Diving up the food into bags for the people

Bags ready to go

We also handed out toys that the guys brought with them. Jump ropes, hair bows, cars, stickers, suckers, balls and play jewelry. The kids LOVED them!

Rick handing out the toys

Little David and big sis

Micheal and Little David hanging out after a long day of work

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