Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Feb. 6

Rick and I ran a few errands with Ginny and then the whole group, except for Dad and Joanne left for Jacmel.

Dad had to take DR. cousins back to the Dr and pick up some guys that Joanne had coming.

We put a couple of mattress in the back of the truck and on our way we went! I love the drive to Jacmel, the scenery is so pretty. The guys and Sarah napped most of the way there.

We arrived late afternoon. We took a walk down to the beach, and scrounged around for some dinner (Tina had homemade pizza made but it was all eaten while we were at the beach).

My feet in Haitian sand

Rick and I on the beach

Then it was time for some cake! IT was Rachel's 15th birthday (Tina's daughter) and Joe's birthday. The cake came from Epidores and was very yummy!

Rachel with her cake

Joe with his cake

The group celebrating birthdays

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