Saturday, January 16, 2010

Plans and Packing

I am starting this blog for our friends and family to keep updated with what is going on with our trip to Haiti.

Plans have changed by the minute over the last 2 days. My family and friends have been scrambling around to raise funds, find flights, and trying to arrange the 'whos'' and 'where's'. God is present in our lives and I am seeing it like I have never seen it before. Planning an emergency trip to a disaster area for 4 people in 2 days is nothing short of God.

Today we have all been running around to buy supplies and pack our bags. My dad was also interviewed on News Channel 13 (just google news channel 13 in Charleston/Huntington WV) and Sarah traveled up to Charleston from Knoxville this evening with her husband.

Here is a short e-mail that my mom sent out to our church family:

"Paul, Julia and Sarah are flying from Columbus to Miami tomorrow night(Sunday).
They will fly from Miami to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (DR)on stand-by Monday. They are meeting up with a Dominican Doctor there and going to the border. The Girtons missionaries to DR lined up the connection with the DR and those plans. They are flying in with RoRo - a Native missionary to Haiti. They will cross into Haiti at the border (not sure of how getting to Port au Prince --- that is up to RoRo!).
They will also be traveling with a UN lady. They hope to be helpful in interpreting for other workers there. And, they will minister to whatever needs God puts before them: food, shelter, etc.

We also have a friend in WI who is adopting a Haitian boy --- we found out he is ok and at an orphanage in PAP --- if God works out all the details, Paul maybe bringing him back!! He is at an orphanage of 50 boys --- the building was destroyed, and they are all living in the yard and have little food and water left.

RoRo isn't sure of what all he will find with his work... Paul will work alongside him, too.

Paul and our girls have their travel money (and are actually getting free seats from Miami to DR --- flight attendants gave up their flight hours to give them those seats...) and are working on "work" funds.

I know this isn't very specific --- we just don't know yet exactly what will put in their paths. We believe God quickly brought together all the details for them to make the trip and know it is guided by Him.. We will try to keep you posted as time goes.

Gifts can be made out to King's Way Christian Church (PO Box 307 Nitro, WV 25143) and specified for the Haiti trip. Paul hopes to be there 4-6 weeks - and he will cash and use funds as they come in.

Thanks so much for your prayers and interest --- Rachel (for Paul)"

Please continue to pray for us!

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  1. I am anxious to try and find out the latest re Paul and the girls--that they are ok; then I like to hear what their work day has been like. I hold them in my prayers.Also I am going to put them on other church prayer lists. Love and Prayers in Christ to all of you. Ruth